The Mint Pass


The mint pass is a fully in-chain generative work which grants you a guaranteed spot to mint each collection released in season one.


Coming soon


How does it work?

Collection size and pricing is dictated by the Artist and their algorithm. Final mint pricing will be communicated in advance of the release. 8NAP ART pass holder will mint first for a guaranteed mint within the stipulated mint window. Remaining collection pieces will be available to the public after a pass holder mint period.

8NAP ART Pass Benefits

100 Maximum supply

Four to six drops from top tier artist per season

Guaranteed mint (within mint window)

Pass holder mint price at a fraction of the public minimum resting price

Access to IRL meet-ups and special events

Guarantees mint pass allow list for following seasons

Mint pass to burn for large artist edition at end of Season (max 200 supply)

Treasury Passes (20 passes)

Used for artist awareness advancement

Five (5) pieces for permanent museum placement

Five (5) pieces for gallery placement

Ten (10) pieces for temporary loan to museum as 8NAP treasury

About us

Artist Forward Platform

Our mission is to address the existing void in the industry by providing a space that genuinely supports and nurtures artists. 8NAP ART has embarked to create a platform that fosters the advancement and acceleration of artists’ careers.

At our core, we are driven by a desire to eliminate the transactional nature seen in many existing platforms. We firmly believe that meaningful relationships lie at the heart of artistic development and success.

By bridging the gap between artists and the industry, we strive to create opportunities that not only propel careers forward but also allow artists to express themselves freely and authentically.


Our vision is to establish a space tailored for premier collectors to acquire exceptional art from the world’s top artists.

We are committed to fostering real-world meetups that facilitate meaningful interactions between collectors, artists, and art enthusiasts. These meetups serve as a cornerstone of our community, fostering a passionate community eager to connect with artists and each other.

At the heart of 8NAP ART lies our unwavering dedication to promoting artistic excellence. We meticulously curate a selection of top-tier artists, ensuring that our collectors have access to exceptional works that showcase creativity, innovation, and mastery. By connecting premier collectors with these accomplished artists, we strive to elevate the art collecting experience.